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Landing Page Features

Password Protection

Lock your QRcode with an encrypted password.


Ask your users for their location and recieve a google maps static map and timestamp when someone scans your QRcode.


Personalise your landing page, you could share some information about your business maybe a discount code or anything you want.

QR code generator features

Features Other QR code generators Qrnia
Static QR codes (Free) (Free)
Dynamic QR codes (Paid) (Free)
Unlimited scans (Paid) (Free)
Unlimited codes (Paid) (Free)
More advanced features (Paid) (Free)

How can I make a static QRcode with logo?

Scroll up to find the static qr code generator and choose a type (URL, Message, Bitcoin...). After selecting your type you will see your available options. Fill in the necessary fields that appear. Choose a custom color and add a logo to your qr code. Choose the size you want, and change your error correction if needed. Click "generate" to generate your code. Now you can download and print your code. Remember to scan it first to make sure it works!

What's the difference between static and dynamic QRcodes?

The information you store in a dynamic qr code can be changed as often as you like, without having to change the qr code itself. The information inside a static qr code however, can not be changed once it's generated. No one type of qr code is better or worse than the other, just choose the type which works best for your needs. Do you want your code to be scannable when the user is offline? Then choose a static code. If you want to know how many people are scanning your code and you want to dynamically change the link whenever you want, a dynmaic qr code is for you.

Why should I pay for a dynamic QRcode?

Why should you pay for a dynamic qr code? The answer is simple: You don't have to! Dynmaic qr codes with qrnia are totally free and always will be. With qrnia you'll never have to pay for features like scan tracking and editing your link. And we won't surprise you with hidden charges or scan limits.

How can I use QR codes?

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