Create QR codes that link to digital coupons or discounts that customers can use in-store or online.

Make a static qr code to accept bitcoin payments above. Your customer can scan the code and it will automatically create the payment in their crypto app.

Make a poll for anything at, then you can copy and share the link or make a QR code with it.

Use QR codes on business cards to make it easy for customers to save your contact information directly to their smartphones.

Use QR codes to direct customers to online surveys, where they can provide feedback on their experiences with your business.

Create a static code above and add your phone number or email, the user can scan the code and go striaght through to dial or the email app on their phone.

Use QR codes to link to video content, such as product demos or instructional videos, to enhance the customer experience.

Use QR codes on storefronts or office doors to provide customers with business hours, contact information, and other relevant details.

Make a QR code to accept cryptocurrency donations on